What Talent Managers Can Learn From The Martial Art Of Aikido In The Battle For Talent

Date: Thursday, August 1, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Duration: 60-minutes

For more than three decades we’ve been on the defensive in the “Battle for Talent”.  We’ve faced wave after wave of insurmountable invasions of technology, social and demographic change.  The landscape of business is now global and fronts are many – talent acquisition, employee engagement, productivity and retention.  The very nature of work and the skills required to execute and win as we march through this 4th Industrial Revolution seemingly change month to month. Our employment strategies and tactics must be nimble and direct, flexible and adaptable.  Might there be a way to harness the energies and direction of all that is changing?  Maybe the not so ancient martial art of Aikido can provide some direction and underlying philosophy for talent management in the 21st Century.

In this webinar, John Llamas, Principal, Thought Leadership and Advisory services for Cornerstone OnDemand will pose how business might utilize the foundational thought and techniques of Aikido in the context of attracting, developing and retaining talent in a fashion that takes advantage – as opposed to defends against – the vectors and forces that are shaping the workplace and the workforce.  In his discussion, Mr. Llamas will cover:

  • The essentials of Aikido; it’s origin, philosophy and technique in channeling oncoming force in a unifying and productive manner
  • Applying the philosophy to harness the energy of change in today’s business environment for effective talent management
  • Address some simple, but not easy, ways employers can enhance the employee experience through a talent management strategy that focuses on engagement, productivity and retention
  • Leveraging technology, design thinking and communications for developing a truly loyal and productive workforce

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   John Llamas

John is Principal, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone.  John is an accomplished leader with 35+ years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility.  John’s career comprises leadership as an HR and IT executive in businesses and consulting. John has worked with multi-national corporations in: retail, health care, financial services, high tech, transportation, utilities and government.