The Loss of Women in Leadership: How to Keep Working Mothers From Walking Out the Door

The Loss of Women in Leadership: How to Keep Working Mothers From Walking Out the Door

Date: Available On Demand

Duration: 56-minutes

Women are vital to today’s workforce.  They make up more than 50% of management and professional roles and are increasingly delaying motherhood until they’re older and well-established in their careers. These trends help explain the rapid growth in paid maternity leave policies… as employers look for better ways to attract and retain top talent.

Is Maternity Leave the solution? Not quite, according to data from the latest Modern Family Index.  In this webinar, speakers from Bright Horizons share the significant and surprising results from that study and describe how it can improve your company’s talent strategy.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • What concerns are top of mind for working mothers.
  • How to improve engagement before, during, and after maternity leave.
  • Strategies for strengthening the pipeline of women leaders in your organization.

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   Michelle Kang

   Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

   Bright Horizons

Michelle Kang is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Operational Strategy at Bright Horizons. She works closely with senior and executive human resource leaders to provide insight, leadership, and program strategy for well-being, employee engagement, and retention programs to support the business missions of employers.


   Ellen Oliver

   Product Marketing Manager

   Bright Horizons

As a product marketing manager at Bright Horizons, Ellen Oliver focuses on workforce trends and benefit programs that support an engaged, productive workforce. She researches, writes, and comments on a variety of human resource topics, engaging with audiences during webinars, on blogs, and at conferences. Ellen has worked with numerous Fortune 500 and multinational clients to implement communications plans, promote new ideas, and obtain support for business goals.