Microlearning + Big Data + Machine Learning: How to finally prove the impact of training

Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

Proving impact isn’t a new challenge for learning and development leaders. It’s a well-known fact that neither the data nor the technology has been capable of providing the insights required to not only demonstrate training ROI, but also determine exactly what needs to be changed to impact results.

But this is about to change. 

Introducing Microlearning + Big Data + Business Data + Machine Learning!

For the first time ever, learning leaders can now use this powerful combo to understand the true impact of their efforts — at scale. The best part? No data scientists required!

Join Axonify and Bloomingdale’s VP of Loss Prevention and Risk Management, Chad McIntosh, for a webinar on May 24th from 2-3 pm EDT to learn:

  • What “learning attribution” means and how it will fuel the L&D digital transformation.
  • What big learning data you need to quantify business impact and why microlearning closes this gap.
  • How you can measure and understand the impact of your training program — at scale — to continuously improve the effectiveness of your training programs and empower frontline managers to take action.
  • How Bloomingdale’s is using microlearning, big data, business data, and machine learning to understand impact and become agile with its training programs.

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   Carol Leaman



Carol Leaman is the CEO of Axonify Inc., a disruptor in the corporate learning space and innovator behind the Axonify Microlearning Platform—proven to increase employee knowledge and performance necessary for achieving targeted business results. Prior to Axonify, Carol was the CEO of PostRank Inc., a social engagement analytics company that she sold to Google in June 2011. Previously, Carol held CEO positions at several other technology firms, including RSS Solutions and Fakespace Systems. Carol is a frequent speaker, a regular contributor to Fortune magazine and a well-respected thought leader, whose articles appear in various learning, business and technology publications. She also sits on the boards of many organizations, both charitable and for-profit, and advises a variety of high-tech firms in Canada’s technology triangle.