Humanizing Business and Change

Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Time: 2 PM ET

Duration: 60-Minutes

As businesses become more technological (AI and robotics), there is a challenge and opportunity to, paradoxically, make them more human. The Business Roundtable talked about the importance of human stakeholders over just profit — but how close are we? Are those nice words? What would it take to make business and change more human?  As a change, ethics and leadership expert with 40 years of experience, Paul Gibbons will talk us through conclusions from his new book “IMPACT.”


1) Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution really "a thing?” What is it and what makes our time special?

2) What are the human implications of new technologies? Who will benefit? What is the potential harm?

3) What can workplaces and leaders do to equip themselves for these workplace transformations (future of work)?

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   Paul Gibbons   

Paul Gibbons has a 40-year career straddling international business and academia. His research and writing explore how philosophy and science can be used to enlighten contemporary business thinking, debunk myth and pseudoscience, and solve practical business problems, including changing culture, developing leaders, and using analytics and evidence to make strategic decisions.

Gibbons’ academic background, starting in math, then in economics, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy, allows him to bring perspectives to business not typically found in traditional business books.

His consulting career, mostly in Europe, included founding an award-winning “teal” organization development consulting firm, Future Considerations. Gibbons has coached dozens of CEOs on strategy, change and talent issues. His change experience includes clients such as Comcast, Shell, PwC, BP, Barclays, KPMG, British Airways, HSBC, Nokia, The Body Shop, Comcast, the NHS and U.K. Ministers. He was the change management lead on a $1 billion program for the U.K.’s Department of Work and Pensions. Gibbons has appeared in Microsoft’s Distinguished Author Program and at Google and appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. He was awarded Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (U.K.) in 2017 and speaks or reads six languages.