Employers, Listen Up!

This is what your employees really want from reward and benefits

Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

Employers know reward and benefits are critical to attract and retain talent, so wouldn’t you want to know what your high value talent actually wants to support their personal and professional lives? We thought so too, so we asked over 2,200 people working in multinational organizations around the world what benefits they value and how their benefits package impacts their feelings about their employer.

It would help if HR and reward professionals had tools to help them better think from the perspective of their number one customer, their people.

Our Global Employee Benefits Watch 2017/18 report showed market-leaders using analytics to create their global strategy are twice as likely to be offering the benefits that their people actually want, and 95% more likely to be driving business objectives through their program. However, this group of organizations are in the minority (under 20% of employers in fact).

Proof of results when employers listen up and hear what their employees really want!

And you can join us in this webinar to find out:

  • Reward and benefits have the potential to significantly impact employees’ lives and therefore how they feel about their employer.
  • Employees are expecting benefits to be delivered tech enabled, easy access, with communications that help them understand what they are being offered etc. 81% of employees who can easily access their benefits said they feel loyal to their employer, as opposed to 51% who find it hard to access their benefits.
  • Wellbeing is important to all employees – no matter the age and location. Generational/geolocation stereotypes need to be broken.
  • And finally, there is a lot of room for improvement for employers to offer the benefits that their employees want, and support their personal life goals.

The general lack of employee perspective in strategic decisions on global benefits needs to change. Our research aims to inspire organizations to conduct their own initiatives to find out more about their employees' needs.

About the research

Thomsons’ Global Employee Benefits Watch employee survey was conducted in Q1 of 2018. Additional data is reported from the Thomsons Online Benefits, Global Employee Benefits Watch Report 2017/18, in which a total of 441 global HR and reward professionals from multinational organizations responded to our online questionnaire on the employee benefits they offer and their reward strategy and approach. The full 2018/2019 report will be released in September 2018.

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   Chris Bruce
Co-Founder and Managing Director

   Thomsons Online Benefits

Chris was a senior benefit consultant when he co-founded Thomsons Online Benefits in 2000. Today, he drives and leads in every aspect of the business, from engaging with clients to the development of Darwin. He is in close contact with HR and benefit specialists globally, is a keynote speaker at many HR technology conferences and truly understands and is passionate about the changing benefit landscape.


   Kim Macdonald
Commercial Director

   Thomsons Online Benefits

Kim’s career in HR Analytics began in spreadsheets and SPSS as a Compensation Survey Analyst in Australia. In the early 2000’s he moved to San Francisco to join an HR startup focused on digitizing offline processes where he was part of a team that built a data warehouse capturing and analyzing user level data. Most recently, Kim led his own HR-based app business in Texas where data drove every decision including the user experience. He now leads the analytics practice of Thomsons from his base in Texas where he collaborates closely with global colleagues within Mercer and Marsh to drive value for clients.