design thinking explained

Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Duration: 60-minutes

For companies who leverage design thinking, the prizes are rich. Research by the Design Management Institute finds that design-led S&P 500 companies outperform the rest of the index by 211 percent.

Design thinking is a powerful competitive advantage that many of the world’s leading companies are using to drive innovation, transformation, customer-centricity and business outcomes. But what exactly is design thinking?

In an era of always-on transformation, organizations face increasingly diverse and complex business problems that need to be understood and addressed — design thinking helps with both. 

Combining analytical and intuitive thinking, the design thinking process reshapes companies and people, and embeds new creative problem-solving capabilities, so they can continuously address emerging, and often poorly understood, shifts in customer needs, technology, and the competitive environment.

Join Luke Brodie, Master Facilitator and Rick Menchaca, Senior Facilitator at ExperiencePoint to:

  • Understand what design thinking is and how it can be used across organizations to drive customer-centricity, innovation and transformation
  • Learn how design thinking creates a repeatable, scalable and disciplined framework for examining complex problems and solutioning them
  • Learn the difference between solution-based and problem-based thinking
  • Hear how innovative companies are using design thinking as a competitive advantage
  • Learn the hallmarks of a design-led organizations and how “innovation catalysts” can help your organization champion design thinking company-wide
  • Understand how to identify and overcome common challenges in the design thinking process

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   Luke Brodie

   Master Facilitator   


Luke Brodie is an enthusiastic Master Facilitator with ExperiencePoint. He energizes groups of business leaders through spirited deliveries of award-winning ExperienceInnovation and ExperienceChange workshops for Fortune 500 companies. He also empowers training partners to scale their impact around the globe.

Luke is fluent in English, Spanish, and French and holds an MBA from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. He has worked internationally in a variety of professional roles including airline management and as a professional musician.


   Rick Menchaca

   Senior Facilitator   


Rick Menchaca is a facilitator at ExperiencePoint, focused on delivering value-creation, capability building, and cultural impact with clients.

Prior to working at ExperiencePoint, Rick founded and led an innovation and consulting program at Dell. For five years, he led trainings, projects, and teams across Dell and with its top industry technology providers and supply chain partners to solve complex, global, and cross-functional challenges.

Highlights of that work include generating $120 million in cost transformation savings for Dell’s enterprise business, and identifying and implementing over $520 million in procurement synergy savings after Dell merged with EMC.

Before Dell, Rick ran an independent sourcing company based in Shanghai, China. He graduated from Harvard University in 2010, where he received a Language Citation in Mandarin Chinese.